Drama As Business Owner Resists Mufti Policemen Arrest


Some men in mufti who claimed to be officers of the Nigeria Police Force reportedly attempted to whisk away a petrol station owner in Port Harcourt.

According to Kofi Bartels, an award-winning Nigerian broadcast journalist who shared the video on Tuesday morning, August 11, the men who were in plainclothes tried to force the man into a private car they came with.

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Ojblitz understands that the petrol station owner had argued with the self-acclaimed policemen, asking them to reveal their identity and a warrant for his arrest before he would go anywhere with them, which they refused.

Plain clothes policemen tried to force the owner of a petrol station in Port Harcourt into a private car and whisk him away, without any cause/authorization/clearance. Have police officers now joined the kidnapping business?,” Bartels tweeted;


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