Bride Pranks Groom By Dressing Best Man In Wedding Dress


Much is made about the moment a husband-to-be first sees his bride’s wedding dress, and for many this is a poignant moment they will cherish forever.

For one groom from Kentucky , this milestone certainly took his breath away. But not for the reasons you might expect.

Jokester bride Megan Martin decided to pull a daft prank on her future husband Logan Martin for their ‘first look’ wedding photos by sending his best man down the aisle in her place, with the good-humoured bloke dressed up to the nines in a gleaming white wedding gown.

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Best man Ryan Sowder was reportedly only to happy to say ‘I do’ to the daft prank, telling Fox News : “When Megan asked me to do this prank on Logan there was no way I could turn it down.”

Logan was caught completely by surprise, and the resulting images of his shocked reaction are genuinely hilarious.

He said: “I was building with anticipation the whole time I was outside waiting for Megan.

“When I turned around and saw Ryan, I couldn’t help but to double over with laughter. Seeing your best man in a wedding dress is not a situation you can be prepared for. I was completely shocked.”

The two friends can be seen sharing a big belly laugh in the series of photographs, with Ryan placing his hands over his heart like a true bride in love.

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Although the sight of his muscly mate in a pretty dress probably wasn’t exactly the dreamy vision Logan had been anticipating, he had to admit his best man made the look his own.

Speaking with Fox News , Logan jested: “All-in-all, I think he wore the dress well.”

The pics were snapped by photographer Kristina Herman, the owner and lead photographer at K Herman Photography.

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She appeared to have had great fun working on the one-of-a-kind photo-shoot, enthusing: “It was awesome!”

After the prank wrapped up, Logan finally got to see the real Megan, who looked absolutely dazzling in a gorgeous lace gown.

The pair tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Kentucky on 19 July. No doubt their silly sense of humour will put them in good stead for a very happy marriage.


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