Brazilian Woman Stabs Gay Son To Death


A Brazilian mother who killed her son because he was gay has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The woman identified as Tatiana Ferreira Lozano Pereira was recently sentenced to 25 years and eight months in prison after she was convicted of killing her 17-year-old son Itaberli Lozano when hitmen failed to do the job in December 2016.

Prosecutors said Pereira who wasn’t happy about her son’s sexuality first hired two thugs, Victor Roberto da Silva and Miller da Silva Barissa, to kill the teen.

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The pair allegedly beat up the boy after his mother lured him home under the guise of reconciliation but they refused to finish the job, leaving Pereira to stab him herself, Out magazine reported.

Pereira admitted to killing her son at the trial, claiming that he had threatened her life.

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But Lozano’s paternal uncle Dario Rosa told Brazilian TV station EPTV that Lozano was a well-behaved youth but his only problem with his mother was that she just never wanted to accept his sexuality.

“He had a job, he was very polite, [and] he never quarreled with anyon e,” his uncle, Dario Rosa, told police. “He only had problems with his mother, who did not accept that he was a homosexual.”

A jury sentenced the mom to 25 years and eight months in prison in connection to the teen’s death.

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While the two men, Victor Roberto da Silva and Miller da Silva Barissa, who were supposed to carry out the crime will each serve 21 years and eight months in prison.


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