Meet Darnella Frazier, The Girl Who Caught On Camera The Death Of George Floyd

Darnella Frazier caught on camera the Gruesome murder of George Floyd

Before the death of George Floyd 3 months ago, no one knew who Darnella Frazier was. But the 17-year-old black girl shot into international limelight after filming the death of George Floyd, the black man who was killed by Minneapolis police officers on May 25th, 2020.

Darnella was just a high school student who was leading an ordinary life as a black girl in America, without anyone having heard of her before. But all that changed in May when she witnessed one of the most nightmarish incidents in her life.

According to the teenager, she was on her way to a store with her cousin when she saw some police officers rough handling a black man.

Then one of the officers, who was to be later identified as Derek Chauvin, pinned him down and knelt on his neck. Darnella didn’t know what had happened, neither did she know what offense the black man had committed, but she knew that the violence against him was too outrageous.

More heartbreaking was when the black man kept crying that he couldn’t breathe, and begged to be released, but the police officer refused to let him go.

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Darnella then brought out her phone and recorded the violence, a brave act that was soon going to buy her the hearts of millions of black people worldwide.

The following day, Darnella Frazier posted the video on her Facebook wall, and to her shock, it went viral immediately and was seen by millions of people across the world.

The death of George Floyd, and the brutal way in which he was killed by the police, sparked one of the greatest civil unrest in the history of America, and thousands of people in America took to the streets to protest over police brutality against people of color in America, and also to demand justice for George Floyd.

The protests had led to the dismissal of the officers from the police force, but then that wasn’t enough to equate for the death of Floyd. And in the end, they were prosecuted.

Well, George Floyd’s story is one that everyone is familiar with, because it was all over our faces on all news platforms then.

Floyd had long been buried, and life seems to be moving on slowly for his family, but what I got interested in recently is how Darnella is doing. What happened to her after the George Floyd episode? Did life adjust back to normal for her, or did the trauma of witnessing such violence change something about her forever?

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After the death of George Floyd, and the protests that rocked America for weeks, Darnella Frazier came under cyber attack, as many began accusing her that she did what she did because of clout. And those accusations deeply hurt her.

Many would have thought that those cyber attacks would make her cower into silence, but rather Darnella seemed more galvanized to do more.

Since Floyd’s death, Darnella has become a sort of activist for blacks in America. After coming into the limelight following Floyd’s death, her Facebook followers increased exponentially, as thousands of people across the world wanted to identify with this brave teenager who was brave enough to change the world.

So what she does now is to utilize that privilege, and use her platform to speak against systemic racism and injustice against the black community. She’s been able to utilize the power of social media to preach the message of change.

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See some of the posts about brutality against the blacks that she has on her wall:

Anytime I turn to Darnella Frazier’s page, I can’t help but be reminded of the fact that this young lady is fast turning into an activist, and a voice for the black people in America.

She reminds me of Benjamin Crump, the attorney who has also turned his Twitter page into a sanctuary of truth, where he constantly shares stories of the frustrations the blacks face in America.

So 3 months after the death of George Floyd, Darnella Frazier has now joined voices with other black activists in America to speak against racism, inequality, and social hatred in America. Darnella Frazier is now an evolving voice for black Americans, and she now has the followers to share her stories of change with.

And we hope that the efforts of this girl towards making a better place for everyone despite their skin colors will never be in vain.

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