Doctors And Nurses Excited About Blue Angels Fly Over Tribute


The Blue Angels have been making their way across the country to show their support for those on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic and on Friday South Florida is in the spotlight.

The men and women who work at Broward Health Medical Center are excited to see the aerial show.

“We always admire the men and women in uniform and it just makes it very special for them to fly over, recognizing the hard work we’re doing,” said Dr. Sunil Kumar, Chief of Staff at Broward Health.

The Blue Angels symbolize hope and strength for our country and the American resolve and it just kind of brings unity to all of us front line workers as we desperately try to save the lives of these people with COVID,” said nurse Traci Vose.

When the six F-18 Hornets fly over in formation, it’s their way of saying thanks to all the men and women on the front line; the first responders, the doctors, nurses, and people who keep the grocery stores open and operating.

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“There’s no better time than now to say thank you to first responders, the unsung community heroes that are going above and beyond and sacrificing for us,” said Mickey Markoff, the Executive Director of the National Salute to America’s Heroes.

In Broward, the flight will begin above North Broward Medical Center in Deerfield Beach. It will then make its way south along the eastern side of Broward. After flying through Miami-Dade, it will pass along the western parts of Broward.

Vose says she’s proud to stand with her co-workers as the nation says ‘thank you’.

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“It was amazing to be a part of that team. I mean yes, we were all very tired, but the symbolism of strength is going forth. When you think you have nothing left and, day by day, I saw everybody give more than what they had just to save these lives,” said Vose.

At Mercy Hospital in Coconut Grove, the doctors and nurses agreed that this was something special.

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“It’s truly amazing to be recognized this way as heroes. To me, my heroes have always been my patients,”; said Yani Pascual, clinical coordinator of the NICU at Mercy.

“I’m so glad that the nurses and the rest of the staff are going to be able to see this because, over the water,” said Neyla Montoya, the Director of Inpatient Rehab Services and Director of Ortho and Spine at Mercy Hospital. “They’re going to love it. They’re really going to love it.”



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