China New Technology Turns Toxic Blue Algae Into Protein Powder


Chinese researchers have developed a technology to turn blue algae into protein powder with high detoxification efficiency.

A research team from the Research Institute for Environmental Innovation (Suzhou), Tsinghua, in east China’s Jiangsu Province, used microsecond ultrasound to explode blue algae, which achieved detoxification with an efficiency of up to 99.8 percent.

Without any addition of chemical or biological reactants, only water vapor was used as the medium in the whole experimental detoxification process, resulting in zero emissions, said Yu Zhengdao, a researcher from the team.

After the detoxification, the algal protein powder contained a much lower toxin content than that of other food-grade algal products, and can be used in the fishing industry, said the team.

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Previous research indicated that the toxin in blue algae had been a major obstacle to the utilization of algal protein, while the content of the water-soluble protein in blue algae amounted to 72 percent.

The technology may contribute to the ecological management of rivers and lakes, when it is popularized in the province or even nationwide, according to the institute.

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Source: New tech turns toxic blue algae into protein powder


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