You Have Arms, Legs And Heads Falling Out, Eric Adams Calls For Dignified Handling Of Coronavirus Victims’ Bodies


New York Politician, Eric Adams, has called for the government and health workers to ensure the bodies of dead victims of Coronavirus are handled properly with decency and dignity as the Coronavirus death toll hit 54,000 in the US on Sunday.

According to Adams who is the president of Brooklyn Borough, there needs to be a better way of handling the bodies of Coronavirus victims that are piling up in temporary morgues across the city and new rules should be created to ensure that bodies are properly identified, stored and separated from one another.

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Adams also revealed that funeral homes were overcrowded, and called for cemeteries to increase the number of burials to prevent corpses from being stored too long at funeral homes.

You have arms and legs and heads falling out,” Adams said. “It’s a mess.”

Adams told the NY Daily News “They are not just pieces of flesh.”

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“A crisis should never get in the way of decency,” he added.

According to Adams, people claiming bodies sometimes have to pick through bloody and improperly sealed bags which is not good as these bodies are people’s fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

“These are our mothers, our fathers, our grandparents, our children in some cases,”

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“Week 1, week 2, we put up these trailers to deal with a crisis,” Adams said.

“But now we need to build out a system that treats people with respect. These are our families.”


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