Anastazia Schmid Who Killed Boyfriend During Sex Game Freed


An Indiana woman convicted of fatally stabbing her boyfriend 39 times during a sex game was reportedly released on parole after 18 years in prison Tuesday, according to Tippecanoe County prosecutors.

Anastazia Schmid, 45, had a “psychotic break from reality” during a consensual sex game in 2001, which included her boyfriend, Tony Heathcote, being restrained and blindfolded, according to a U.S. District Court, USA Today reported.

Schmid reportedly heard a voice that told her Heathcote was evil and needed to be killed.

Her murder conviction was overturned in May.

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“The testimony of Ms. Schmid’s counsel that she was psychotic, heavily medicated … raised a … doubt as to her competence (sp) to stand trail (sp),” the judge wrote in his ruling.

Schmid pleaded guilty Monday to voluntary manslaughter. Her 44-year, 299-day sentence was commuted to time served.

Schmid will be on parole for two years, USA Today reported.


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