I Regret Everything I’ve Done – Amy Childs Advises Women


English television personality, Amy Childs has expressed regret over undergoing plastic surgery at the tender age of 18, as she advised young women to desist from the procedure.

The 29-year-old detailed the dangers of plastic surgery during a BBC documentary, I’ve Been There.

“I honestly look back at pictures now and I look like a freak”, the media personality reflected on her past “addiction”, which led her to have various surgeries like boob job, botox, lip fillers and veneers.

In her teens, Amy boosted her bust by three sizes, going from an A-cup to a D-cup, before jumping to a 30EE for a second boob job at the age of 23.

In May last year, the mother-of-two underwent an eight-hour operation after experiencing pain in her chest following a rupture in her left implant, and a month later, doctors discovered a lump had formed in her breast tissue from leakage.

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The reality TV icon – who spent a week in hospital during the ordeal – has since downsized her breast implants from an EE cup to a C cup.

During the show, she visited Christabel and Bailey, two of her teenage fans, who revealed they’re considering following in her footsteps.

In a bid to change their minds, the model said: “I’ve got so much advice to give to you, it will definitely put you off surgery just so you know. I regret everything I’ve had done, everything.”

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Amy revealed she also underwent corrective surgery after going “overboard” with her lip fillers, and encouraged the girls to maintain their naturally “beautiful” looks.


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