Shock As Vermont Grocery Store Worker Was Fired For Apprehending Purse Snatcher

Amir Shedyak loses job for helping an elderly woman

Amir Shedyak was fired after retrieving an elderly woman’s stolen purse.

After preventing the robbery, Amir Shedyak was first suspended pending an investigation and was later fired by management.

According to local attorney, the man might have lost his job due to liability concerns.

Adrian Moore, the man who tried to rob the elderly woman, has been identified and charged.

Amir Shedyak worked at Hannaford Supermarket in Essex for four years.

According to FOX News, the man was starting his shift when he had been approached by a customer informing him that an elderly woman was being robbed.

It was then that the employee had seen a man – later identified as Adrian Moore – running away with the woman’s purse.

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Upon seeing this, Shedyak ran to retrieve the purse and had called the police when the suspect escaped. Afterwards, he had returned to continue his shift at the Hannaford Supermarket.

A few days later, Shedyak was confused when he was fired from his job.

The man explained what happened as he posted the following statement on his Facebook:

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Amir Shedyak fired for helping an elderly woman

A local attorney has explained why the man’s employer might have fired him.

While Hannaford Supermarket has been contacted and asked to comment, they have explained that they ‘do not comment on personnel matters’.

Nevertheless, FOX News reported that local attorney Pietro Lynn stated ‘it is not uncommon at all for employers to discourage employees from laying hands on customers’.

Lynn further added that a company like Hannaford would not want employees to interfere in such cases as any injuries could cause ‘expensive liability issues’.

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According to the New York Post, while Shedyak has already found a new job, he questions why he was fired: “Why should it make a difference that, hey, I’m clocked in now — he’s in trouble. If I wasn’t clocked in — oh, you did a good job.”

Thanks to Shedyak’s bravery, the police has successfully identified and charged Adrian Moore, the man who attempted to rob the elderly woman.


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