American Entrepreneur Reacts To Being Likened To Linda Ikeji

An American entrepreneur, who has been told by many that she looks like Linda Ikeji, has finally reacted to the comparison.

Deona Hayes, who lives in Sacramento, California, said on Facebook that people keep sending her emails, telling her she looks like the founder of Linda Ikeji Media but, though she had heard of her, she had no idea what she looks like. She says she eventually found out and she’s “flattered to be compared to such a Queen.”

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She wrote: 

I have been getting tons of emails and direct messages comparing me to this Nigerian blogger named Linda Ikeji. I heard about her years ago but never knew what she looked like. Fast forward to today and I have to admit I do see the resemblance! This woman is smart and beautiful! She has launched her own monthly subscription streaming app and continues to break down barriers for women of color in the business world. I am flattered to be compared to such a Queen! Thank you! ?

American entrepreneur reacts to being likened to Linda Ikeji


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