50 Cent Attacks Oprah Winfrey For Only Producing Documentaries On Black Men Accused Of Sexual Assault


50 Cent has continued his attack on Oprah Winfrey following reports that she plans to interview Russell Simmon’s accuser.

For days, 50 Cent has been calling out media mogul Oprah for granting interviews and producing documentaries that seem to implicate Black men who have been accused of sexual assault, whereas she doesn’t do same for White men accused of sexual assault (read here ).

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Now, he has shared a photo of Oprah with her White male friends who were accused of sexual assault. He pointed out that Oprah turned a blind eye to the allegations against her white friends but is quick to grant interviews when it’s her Black friends who are involved.

Sharing a photo collage of Oprah with George W. Bush, with Donald Trump, and Also Oprah with Harvey Weinstein, 50 Cent write: “My grand mother was such a big fan of Oprah that it felt like I made it when I did her show because she was so happy.

I just want to know why this is playing out like this.”

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